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2x Headwave Adhesives


Each set of replacement adhesives is delivered in a sealed envelope.

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  • Description

    Have a new helmet and/or need more adhesives?

    This set includes 2 replacement adhesives and instructions for remounting (also found below):

       Remove TĀG from your old helmet - the easiest way is to use an old credit card and some good old-fashioned arm strength.
    Simply put the credit card underneath the edge of TĀG and apply some force.
    TĀG may be difficult to remove - it has to withstand 300 KPH – but don’t worry about damaging TĀG as you pull (it’s very robust).

       Remove the old adhesive from TĀG.
    Hint: It’s easier at room temperature or warmer.
    If necessary you can use a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive.

       Clean TĀG with some rubbing alcohol or clean wipes.
    Pull the new adhesive carefully from the liner and place it in the middle of the backside of TĀG.
    Stick the adhesive first in the middle and then press carefully from the center to the edge so no air bubbles are stuck underneath the adhesive (small air bubbles shouldn’t be a problem).

    TĀG is now ready for mounting.

       Prep the surface of the new helmet by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol or cleans wipes and then swipe once with clear water. The surface should be dry and free of fat, wax and other residues. Please remove any stickers on the helmet in the area where TĀG will be mounted.

       Lastly, remove the protection liner from the adhesive and then bend TĀG to mount it so that the center of TĀG is the first area that has contact with the helmet. Then, press strongly with the flat hand all over TĀG to make sure is has contact with the helmet at all areas. The adhesive will reach full strength after 24 hours.

    A small gap towards the “wings” of TĀG shouldn’t be a problem – the sound is transmitted primarily through the center of TĀG (where the resonance driver is located) to the surface of the helmet.

  • Technical Specs
    Material Tesa® ACXPlus (data sheet)
    TESA ACXPlus Download Tesa® ACXPlus PDF
    Color Black
    Size 130mm x 60mm
    Thickness 0.4mm
    Initial Strength 25%
    Final Strength 100% after 24h
    Weather resistant Withstands water, dirt, heat, cold
    High Speed Withstand speeds up to 300 KPH (190 MPH) and more
    Easily Removable Doesn't damage the surface of the helmet
    Hint: Applying light heat makes the adhesive easier to remove
    One time use only The adhesive gets damaged when removed

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