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Common questions about TĀG

Write a message to hello[a]headwave'de if you have more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

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  • What do I need to use Headwave TĀG

    Great question! You need a helmet, and a Bluetooth®-compatible phone/music playing device. That’s it! For those of you still rocking flip phones from 1999, you may be out of luck.

  • Is Headwave TĀG compatible with my helmet? I have a [insert helmet brand, model, and size here].

    Yes! TĀG is made out of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and has a slight flexibility (shore hardness:80A) built-in to accommodate the curvature of your helmet. You shouldn’t fold it in half like an iPhone, though.

  • Is Headwave TĀG waterproof

    Absolutely – it’s fully equipped to drown out the rain to your heart’s content. We have designed TĀG to IP67 standards, meaning it is fully dust- and water-proof, even to the point of dunking it in water. We don’t recommend scuba-diving with it.

  • How long does the battery last

    TĀG uses Li-Ion batteries totaling 560mAh. This should last most users around 4-6 hours, or enough for a full-day’s worth of use. Those of you commuting can probably get 2-3+ days use before recharging.
    The runtime is depending on the music genre you are listening to and the volume. If you are using TĀG only for navigation instructions it will last forever!
    TĀG charges via USB.

  • How big is TĀG

    TĀG is 123mm x 61mm in it’s largest area - it will extend a little more than 2 cms from the surface of your helmet in the thickest place. It’s designed to blend seamlessly with the look of your helmet and also to fit every motorcycle helmet regardless of shape and size.

  • How does it attach to my helmet

    Magic (just kidding!) - Using a high-performance adhesive, TĀG should firmly affix to backside of your helmet, able to withstand speeds up to 3000 KPH (190 MPH, for those of you in the USA, Burma or Liberia). The same adhesive is used in the automotive and train industries. It is remove-able, however, without any special tools, and without any residue/damage to your helmet.

  • This seems dangerous - Is it dangerous? It seems dangerous.

    Not unless you attempt to swallow it – TĀG is absolutely 100% NOT edible! Partially-digested products will not be accepted for returns. Like with any audio equipment, you should exercise caution and pay attention to all police sirens (unless they’re chasing you) and other warning noises. Also, if you didn’t know, be aware that playing music too loud may cause damage to your ears.
    TĀG is also CE/MIC/ARCM/FCC certified (for EU, Japan, Australia and USA) to ensure user safety and that our customers are alive and well to continue buying our products well into perpetuity.

  • Can TĀG be used in traffic

    Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: We recommend obeying all traffic laws in whatever area you are traveling in.
    Most jurisdictions require music volume to be low enough to hear any kind of traffic warnings. While we aren’t familiar with traffic laws in EVERY country in the world, we have investigated the USA, EU, Japan, and Australia – there should be no complications in any of these regions.

  • Where are the speakers in the helmet

    The entire helmet becomes your private Concert Capsule™! Everything is external, so your helmet will still fit perfectly (or however it fits currently).

  • Can I use my navigation system with TĀG

    Yes, your phone’s GPS can stream verbal directions through TĀG. Also most GPS are compatible.

    How can I change my GPS’s volume?
    Please go to the audio settings on your GPS and adjust the volume there.

    When I stream music from my phone through the Garmin the audio quality seems to be lower.
    Yes, Garmin unfortunately uses an non-music-Bluetooth-Profile to stream music from your phone to TĀG. Please contact the Garmin support for that issue.

    Can I stream from my BMW Navigator?
    Unfortunately some of the older BMW Navigators (built by Garmin) were not able to stream music through TĀG but could stream navigation instructions and other notifications.
    This issue has been fixed with the Navigator VI.
    If you own a Navigator V please contact us at hello[a]headwave'de - we have a solution!

  • How can I increase the volume of TĀG

    For iPhone users, in the “Settings” of your phone you should find "Maximum Volume", "Sound Check" and "EQ" . Make sure that they are all turned to “Off”. For Android users, make sure to check under “Settings” for similar options (may vary across phone manufacturers).

  • Do I need to remove stickers from the helmet manufacturer before mounting TĀG

    Yes, all stickers must be removed from the helmet in the area you want to mount TĀG. Stickers will block the vibrations - especially if they are reflective.

  • Does the mounting location on the helmet matter

    Yes, to have the best sound experience, please mount TĀG at the center on the back of your helmet. If you mount TĀG on top of your helmet, you will experience less bass. If you mount TĀG off-center the sound will be unevenly distributed.

  • How easily can I remove TĀG

    Simply use an old credit card and some good old-fashioned arm strength. Simply put the credit card underneath the edge of TĀG and apply some force.
    With some helmets TĀG's special adhesive forms a very strong connection over time. Please don’t use sharp tools to remove TĀG from your helmet. The miracle cure is a hairdryer - TĀG comes off much more easily when heat is applied.

  • Will I get a headache because of the vibrations

    Good question – you shouldn’t. We haven’t encountered any Headwaver who has had headaches yet. You could be the first… (although we hope not).

  • The bass is too strong. What can I do

    If the tactile bass is too strong for you please go to the EQ settings in your phone and set it to "Less Bass".

  • Can the other people around me hear my music

    Other people will be able to hear a small amount of the vibrations, but generally won’t be able to tell what song you are listening to.
    The sound outside the helmet is considerably quieter than inside. But if you are listening to Helene Fischer you should maybe consider pausing your music at the gas station before you turn off the engine.

  • How is the sound quality

    Good question – it’s great! The sound quality is most similar to listening to music in your car or home theatre. We aim to bring that feeling of a private concert to a mobile environment.

  • Can I call with TĀG

    TĀG is designed and optimized for purely for listening to music - there is no integrated microphone for communication.

  • How is TĀG controlled

    TĀG is controlled through your phone or other Bluetooth®-enabled device. But you can also use a standard remote control like the Satechi Media Button.

  • Sounds great! Where can I test it

    Come by our headquarters in Berlin! We’ll be visiting other cities/festivals several times a year but you’re welcome at our offices anytime (unless we’re on our bikes with TĀG for a spin).
    We are listed at Polo now. That means you can test and buy TĀG at every Polo store.

Download the manual for TĀG as a PDF


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